jQuery SuperBox!

jQuery Superbox! is a script which allows you display windows with the lightbox effect.
This script is a plugin for jQuery (1.3.x).
Why create a new script of this kind, when many exist already?
  • Accessibility. only the rel attribute is used to launch the script. The href attribute is therefore coherent: it targets the address of a picture, of a page, or an element identifier (anchor).
  • Extensibility. Superbox doesn’t set any style, everything is easily and entirely CSS stylable.
  • The MIT license. this license allows you to use, duplicate, modify, publish, distribute, merge, sell and even change the script license. Your only obligation is to keep the script’s author name.
  • It’s fun.
jQuery Superbox! can display picturespictures galleriesexternal pages, a page element or even AJAX loaded content.

jQuery SuperBox!

jQuery ColorBox

A lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery




Image Thumbnail Viewer

Image Thumbnail Viewer is a compact, unobtrusive image viewer that can be applied to any link on the page to load the desired image inside a sleek interface based on the link’s "href" value. Simply give the link in question- be it a text link or image thumbnail link- a rel attribute of “thumbnail“, and you’re done.
This script will center the enlarged image on the page and optionally display a text description based on the activating link’s "title" attribute. A fading effect can be turned on/off to bring the final image into view.

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Image Thumbnail Viewer

Image Thumbnail Viewer II

This script loads and displays a larger image when a thumbnail is clicked on and rolled over. Great for letting visitors preview from many images then select the image of his choice to view on the same page. Features include:
  • Unobtrusive design, easy set up- just add to thethumbnail links on your page a “rel” and “rev‘ attribute. That’s it.
  • Configure larger image to be shown via “click” or “mouseover” of thumbnail.
  • Specify whether enlarged image should be preloaded when the page loads for faster display, or only downloaded when requested to save on initial page loading time.
  • Enlarged image can be optionally hyperlinked.
  • Two types of transition effects to bring the enlarged image into view supported: “fade” or “reveal”. The transition can also be disabled altogether.
  • Specify whether the “title” attribute of the thumbnail links should be shown as description text underneath the enlarged image.
  • Define multiple regions for different images to be displayed in.

Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Image Thumbnail Viewer II

CSS Popup Image Viewer

Dynamic Drive CSS Library- CSS Popup Image Viewer