jQuery SuperBox!

jQuery Superbox! is a script which allows you display windows with the lightbox effect.

This script is a plugin for jQuery (1.3.x).

Why create a new script of this kind, when many exist already?

  • Accessibility. only the rel attribute is used to launch the script. The href attribute is therefore coherent: it targets the address of a picture, of a page, or an element identifier (anchor).
  • Extensibility. Superbox doesn’t set any style, everything is easily and entirely CSS stylable.
  • The MIT license. this license allows you to use, duplicate, modify, publish, distribute, merge, sell and even change the script license. Your only obligation is to keep the script’s author name.
  • It’s fun.

jQuery Superbox! can display picturespictures galleriesexternal pages, a page element or even AJAX loaded content.

jQuery SuperBox!.


About amitsonikhandwa
I am a web developer working in PHP and MYSQL with AJAX, jQuery and JavaScript. I am in web development since 2007.

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